Thursday, February 5, 2015

google plus everything!?!

Well, after after switching jobs and losing the email attached to my blog back in 2011, I finally decided to attempt to reactivate my blog instead of trying to find a new one or start a new one. As you can tell I have done so, successfully!

Now, this was a much harder task than it needed to be. In fact, I find everything is much harder than it has to be, even if it has been simplified to be user friendly... but its only not so simple IF you've been online and using social media for more than 2 or 3 years and before everything merged under Google plus everything! And yes, I know its called google plus... but to me, its google plus everything, because it is google plus everything!

Anyways, to recover my blog, was more than me saying... hey its victoria, and I changed jobs and emails and want my blog back! But at the same time, I am glad no one else was able to say they were Victoria and take my blog (but will add... who would want a blog with less than 5 posts and no followers? so i was safe).  I do know some of my fellow bloggers who's been blogging since back in those early days who have managed to keep and maintain their blogs and now have hundreds of posts and mine still has less than 5! Wow! i feel the need to catch up. I have soo much to say and so much for writer's block (my last post in 2011).

*Flashback... When I first started going online, we would sign into our yahoo accounts and go to a chatroom and could join in the conversation. BUT it wasn't instantanious like it is now! Back then, we'd have time to go upstairs, start the coffee pot, wait for it to brew and come back down to scroll through the chatroom and find our comment and wait another 5-10 minutes to see who responded and YES! we'd be ecstatic when we saw someone respond to our posts!

Since then, I am now in my 30s, my email has since changed at least 10 times, chatrooms have since disappeared for the most part and we have gone from hI5, bebo, myspace and how many other social media sites of yesterday until the world found our favorites in Facebook, twitter, blogger, linkedin, instagram, pinterest... and blah, blah, blah...

Somewhere in this mix, everything got connected so now... since i had that yahoo account, hotmail account, this work email, that work email, and each of these were used to connect to the latest social media sites of that time when they ALL merged am left with what? besides no desire to connect them for fear of losing them to cyberspace.  I know one day I must somehow safely transfer everything to ONE email... and can only wonder how long is it going to be before I lose any of the other social media sites not linked through an email attached to google plus everything but ones I no longer have access to. sigh.

Sorry google, I am an avid google user, but for the above reasons, dislike the fact all these sites are all connected and hope just because i blogged about it on one of the google plus everything sites that i don't lose them all! *fingersCrossed.

So in my attempt, I've decided to regain control of my blog that was only JUST started before it was lost after i switched jobs and now I get to start blogging the 50 million things i've wanted to blog about since 2011!!

But enough of that for now, it's time to move on! I too am now connected to google plus everything and so is my blog!

copied and posted from my original blog dustdancerproductions[at]blogspot[dot]com on July 7, 2014 that I no longer have access to. 

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