Thursday, February 5, 2015

Mind Reading Techies?

Now I know I speak for every technologically inclined career person when i say... scream... or ask... Since WHEN did mind reading or prophet become an essential part of my job description? As a techie, and having other friends who work in all areas of the technical teams- whether its the IT guy, the compmuter guy, the Graphics Girl or the Webmaster... we all share the same grievances. WE ARE NOT MIND READERS nor are we PROPHETS. We can't look into your mind and "just do what we do" when we aren't given any other information on what it is that you want done! Seriously!

You want us to fix a computer? well, leaving it on our desk with no name, no note describing a possible problem or why its on our desk tell us nothing EXCEPT... we have a computer on our desk that doesn't belong to us! Is it a present? can we tear this apart and use it for parts? would you like us to fix it? and if so? who are you and what have you done to this machine... cuz 99 our of 100 times, its from  something you 'clicked' or 'deleted' that caused the problem. So give us a break... what happened?

You want us to design you a poster or web page... SWEET! What do you want on it? Please provide us with the proper Who, What, When, Where and Why of what's going on the poster or page... and pictures... PLEASE give us pictures. As trained graphics artists and web designers we know we don't like it when people STEAL our graphics, images or designs... so don't ask us to do that to another artist! It does something to us... something baaaaaaaad!

and lastly- to say, just do what you do... doesn't cover it! Cuz ya wanna know what I wanna do when someone tells me that? I wanna copy a picture from one of their many profiles, throw it into photoshop and turn them into the devil- cuz THAT'S what i do!... don't want me to do that? then how bout we save us the hassle and bad feelings that doing that may cause and u just TELL ME what you want me to do and what you want on it! Cuz I can't read your mind and i can't look into the future to know what's going to happen when and where nor do I want to make this stuff up...

There! I said it. For ALL of us!

~*~ Victoria ~*~

copied and pasted from my first blog entry on Monday February 14, 2014, 2011 on dustdancerproductions[dot]blogspot[dot]com that i no longer have access to!

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