Thursday, February 5, 2015

Social Media Identity Update:

Being an individual who is actively pursuing my craft, I have set up an identity for myself on social media sites... that is until a series of events has caused me to lose some, but not all, of my social media identity "dust dancer productions."

It first started with a work email that I no longer had access to after the job ended, but thankfully I also had set up some sites with a hotmail account that I had for longer then any of my children have been alive (and my oldest is 19 btw).

This past summer, I replied to an ad on a common website that posts ads and I was accessing my email from a public wifi zone that somehow managed to kick me out of my hotmail account and not allow me to log back in on all platforms except my iphone. For some reason, I was still able to receive emails sent to the email address I used to own but was no longer able to send emails... Even though I could see what (whoever managed to take over my email) messages they were sending to everyone in my contacts lists asking them to click on links that inevitably inconvenienced them. 

Now I consider my self a techie, but am in NO WAY even close to hacker status or IT department because I am a different kind of techie. I may not know everything but I'm no newbie on a PC or Mac and can confidently say I do know a few things about a few things but that's about it.

So back to my point, using social media platforms I would frequently post tips and tricks to protecting yourself online based on what I knew a technician of sorts. So when my email was hacked and people who know I do not send them links telling them to look at this, unless i want them to look at this.... all clicked the links and looked at whatever it was someone else was sending them. 

Shortly after, I lost my blogspot... and my twitter accounts... and was able to switch emails on the few social sites i still had left to protect myself. I was no longer able to reset passwords or make changes without being able to access my email notifications on email addresses I no longer have access to so some of them i JUST HAVE TO 'LET GO'. lol. I also no longer have access to website domains dustdancer[dot]com or dustdancerproductions[dot]com after losing them after not renewing them the  day after they expired. 

So, for the time being... until I can figure out how I can retrieve my old sites... or decide whether its something I really want to do... I am going to have no social media identity... but a few social media identities. 

So I have facebook: or
and you can find me on and 

I also have and now 

So to sum everything up, I am in the process of re-introducing myself back into the digital realm of social media and while some platforms have gone unused and not really updated I know that in order to maintain a brand for myself, I need to stick to one name!

While I need to determine the direction I am going with my social media identity, my corporate identity is coming into question... and I ask myself, is it time to change names? 

~*~ Victoria ~*~

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