Thursday, February 5, 2015

Writer's Block

Has to admit, that i fully intended to keep a daily digital diary of thoughts, vents, announcements and other random tidbits of information which allows an inside peak into the inner workings of my mind. But... when it came time to write, usually the wee hours of the morning before i go to bed, my mind would go blank!

as it is right now, so now i am thinking... i'm a person who has soo much to say, so much on my mind, why is it that i have nothing to write? i know some things i want to write, and when i go to write it am uncertain of whether or not its what i do want to write... and then i decide that i don't even know what it is i want to say with this blog... do i want to keep this as personal as i've been making it? oh well, im thinking too much and writing a bunch of non-sensical blurbs just so i can say i wrote in my digital diary.

So with that, i'm going to end this pointless rant, finish these lil baggies of dried mangoes and apricots my daughter left before she went camping today and maybe polish off those carrots n dip too as i try to fall asleep watching clash of the titans!

so good night dear diary!

~*~ Victoria  ~*~

copied and pasted from my first blog dustdancerproduction[dot]blogspot[dot]com on Monday March 10, 2011 that I no longer have 

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